3 keys to the Houston Texans coming away with a win against the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Can the Houston Texans please get the run game going

Only four teams rank below the Houston Texans in terms of rushing and making things worse, they are tied with the Tampa Bay Bucs for dead last in yards per carry at 2.8. We know the biggest issue here is not the running backs but the offensive line. The Texans line has been ravaged by injuries that started before they played their first regular season game.

The team is hopeful to start getting some of those pieces on the line back after this week but for now, they will once again be rolling out a line of unknowns. This doesn't mean the Texans should completely abandon the run though. They have to try to pick up yards on the ground and maybe they can do that through draw plays and even getting Stroud involved with some designed quarterback runs.