Joey Bosa is the perfect fit for the Houston Texans but is he worth the cost of a trade?

The Houston Texans need a new defensive end and it appears as though Joey Bosa could be had.
Houston Texans v Los Angeles Chargers
Houston Texans v Los Angeles Chargers / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

Could Joey Bosa be a Houston Texans player by the start of the season? It's certainly possible if you want to believe certain rumors. It looks like Bosa could be on a new team sometime very soon as both he and Khalil Mack are (un)officially up for grabs according to a new rumor. It claims that both Mack and Bosa could be on a new team sooner rather than later, as the team looks to rebuild with Jim Harbaugh taking over the reins.

Apparently, the 60-year-old thinks a 28-year-old All-Pro defensive end/outside linebacker is too old for his new vision. The irony. That said, Bosa is an appealing option to the Texans for a variety of reasons.

He's talented, a four-time Pro Bowler and Defensive Rooke of the Year, and is a consistent sack machine when healthy. Which is the only knock against him, we have no idea if he'll play seven or 17 games in 2024. If he does play 17 games, he'll likely contend for Defensive Player of the Year, however.

And yet another reason that it makes sense for the Texans to keep an eye on him is his salary, he makes about as much as Jonathan Greenard is rumored to want. While Greenard is a nice get for a team, he's as inconsistent as they come and just as injury-plague. Dollars to donuts, Bosa is an upgrade over Greenard and at only 28, he's got plenty of time left in the league.

The issue comes with the price tag of Bosa. The Texans should absolutely go after him but what is the price going to be to get him? He may not be cheap and with the rumor stating that he could be cut by the Chargers, do you want to give up a second or third-round pick for a guy you could get on a discount, looking to likely join a winner and have a deep playoff run?

There's a chance he doesn't come to Houston if he's released, and there's a chance he's not as inexpensive either. While giving up a draft pick or two may not be the best idea, if you think Bosa makes the Texans better, you make the trade. You can at least control if he comes to Houston and for how much that way.

The other way may not see him in Texas at all, least of all at that price point.