Is the Houston Texans' defense that bad or is Zach Wilson better than he's given credit for

Does Houston have a problem with their defense or is Zach Wilson just better than given credit for?
Houston Texans v New York Jets
Houston Texans v New York Jets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The Houston Texans lost 30-6 on Sunday to the New York Jets, powered by Zach Wilson, who, as put it, looked like a Pro Bowler in the win. And yeah, he sure did. He looked every bit the Pro Bowler that the Jets had hoped Aaron Rodgers would be when they acquired him, but instead, Wilson was the one torching the Texans all day.

The Jets made the call to move on from Wilson a few weeks ago and whatever offense the Jets had, died, so they went back to Wilson; who made the Jets and the coaching staff look like fools in his first game back as starter, going 27-36 for 301 yards, and two touchdowns, despite getting sacked four times.

Despite the pressure, the Jets never slowed and eventually put up 30 points on the Texans; their second-highest output. Their first was a 31-21 win over the Denver Broncos. So clearly, this isn't a high-powered offense, but it sure looked like one on Sunday.

And now we're left asking a question; did the Jets fail Wilson so badly that he looked like a bust all this time because of bad coaching, or is the Texans' defense far from good and easily beatable? Honestly, it's hard to say either way. We do know that Wilson ripped the Texans' defense with relative ease, and had maybe the best game of his career, if not the best game of his season.

Wilson hasn't been known for his high rate of efficiency, and he was all sorts of that on Sunday. And while we're not sure where Wilson is in the development of his career, we can safely say for sure that the Texans have to be worried about their defense going forward. Will Anderson Jr. was a non-factor, and Derek Stingley Jr. had a lot of tackles downfield, but he didn't do great in coverage.

Even Blake Cashman didn't play well, which is shocking considering his consistency all season. The Texans' defense got exposed by the one team they couldn't afford, the Jets, and now the Texans need to start rethinking their entire defensive system if they don't want the next few teams to do the same thing to them that the Jets did.

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