Is C.J. Stroud already the best quarterback to come out of Ohio State?

C.J. Stroud is already making his case for Ohio State's best QB ever.
Penn State v Ohio State
Penn State v Ohio State / Ben Jackson/GettyImages

C.J. Stroud is making waves for the Houston Texans already. The young quarterback has come in and had a dynamic rookie season, reaching untold heights faster than many expected. The rookie quarterback has 14 touchdowns already on the season against just one turnover. Not only that but the young man just had a five-touchdown game, setting all sorts of records in the process.

And while it's beyond fair to hold off asking if he's having the best rookie season of all time, what isn't unfair to ask is if he's already the best pro quarterack that Ohio State has ever produced. OSU is a vaunted insitutude, with a history of hall of fame caliber players coming out of the school, but not many great pro quarterebacks.

Sure the school has had guys like Joe Burrow get under center for the college nicknamed the Buckeyes, but Burrow made his name at LSU; tranfsering to the Louisana institute after several years of riding the pine in Columbus. So he's formally and officially an LSU byproduct.

With specifically quarterbacks drafted out of OSU in mind, your top names are Troy Smith and maybe Justin Fields. That's it. Those are the most successful quarterbacks to take the field in the NFL and Fields is here mostly to round out the field from one to two. It's been so bad that the memes are even better than the past players ever were.

So while normally we'd scoff at the notion that a rookie player could already be the best quarterback out of a college as famed as OSU as just a rookie, we're in fact going to say yes; Stroud is the best quarterback to ever come out of OSU.

And it's a bold statement, but here's the only item we need to defend our stance; what other quarterback from OSU has had an eight-game stretch in the NFL as good as Stroud. None.

That alone makes Stroud the best the college has ever produced. Now, can he clear much higher bars heading into the future? We're not sure, only time will tell, but Stroud is already on his way.

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