Houston Texans: 5 reasons the Texans can win the AFC South

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Houston Texans new head coach, DeMeco Ryans.

Texans' new head coach, DeMeco Ryans comes over from a San Francisco 49ers team that was a dominant defensive team a season ago. They were ranked number one in the NFL in overall defense. He was initially hired onto the 49ers coaching staff in 2017 and later promoted to defensive coordinator in 2021 after Robert Saleh left for the N.Y. Jets head coaching role.

Ryans had an opportunity with the Minnesota Vikings to potentially become their head coach after his first year as the defensive coordinator with the 49ers. To Ryans' credit, he turned down the second interview, electing to remain with the 49ers. This is important because it tells me he knew he wasn't ready to lead a team, and rather than just jumping on the first train that came along, he went back and further developed himself as a coach and leader.

Rookie head coaches, much like players, are unknown. You hope you have your guy, but you never know until they take the field, then you see what they are made of. Ryans will need to learn how to manage a game now and the team, not just the defense, which can take time. But I think the Houston Texans got their guy, and the players seem ready to go to battle with him.