Houston Texans: top three most challenging road games on 2023 schedule

Super Bowl contenders and tough divisional matchups highlight the obstacles standing in Houston's way.

Houston Texans
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Home-field advantage often makes competing in hostile environments a challenge for supremacy. Victory is achieved by the highest of standards, the resiliency and grit a team shows in unfavorable conditions. 

You would think that the schedule for the Houston Texans would be easy, especially after the daunting campaign that was 2022. According to Pro Football Focus that is the case on paper, grading out as the sixth easiest schedule in the league this upcoming season. 

"Playing the conference runner-up is never an easy task, but besides that contest – which comes in week 10 – the schedule should give Houston the opportunity to improve on their standing last year. "

PFF's Amelia Probst

Despite the appearance of a cakewalk on paper, the reality paints a different picture for the Texans on the road this season. From AFC championship contenders to an early contest with a division foe, the 2023 Texans will certainly have their fair share of challenges. 

Which ones are the toughest? What do the Texans have to do in order to emerge victorious?

Here are three of the toughest contests on the road for the Texans in 2023.