Houston Texans: three players who deserve Hall of Fame Recognition

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J.J. Watt

Starting with the obvious lock to one day grace a gold jacket, legendary edge rusher J.J. Watt is not only one of the greatest pass rushers in the modern era but of all time. Look no further than his accolades while donning the blue and white. 

In 128 career games over a 10-year period with the team, number 99 was an absolute terror for opposing quarterbacks. With three Defensive Player of the Year awards, 101 sacks, 317 quarterback hits, and 195 tackles for loss to his name according to Pro Football Reference, Watt displayed a dominance that was unseen by any prior Texans pass rusher. 

Add in the fact that he has two seasons of over 20 sacks and even finished second in the MVP voting as a 25-year-old in 2014, and you have a player who will most likely find his way onto the ballot when first eligible in 2028. Though the end of his tenure in Houston will often coincide with injury issues, most will remember a near decade of dominance over a few missed games.

Watt is a beloved member of the Houston Texans franchise, a staple of the community, and a freakish talent. I have zero doubt in my mind that he will be in Canton sooner rather than later.