Houston Texans: three players who could have a Pro Bowl season in 2023

Houston Texans
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Being considered a Pro Bowl-level talent is one of many pinnacles that NFL players strive for. Though the actual game has taken on a new perception these last couple of years, being considered worthy of the honor is still something that players do not take for granted. 

These types of players emerge as leaders for their respective clubs. They prove to the rest of the league that they should be in consideration for the top players at their respective positions. Most importantly, they provide immense value to an NFL franchise, serving as building blocks and core pieces of the ultimate goal of being a consistent contender for the Super Bowl trophy. 

Pro Bowl talent has been hard to come across for the Houston Texans during this rebuild. According to Pro Football Reference, offensive tackle and stalwart Laremy Tunsil was the only player from the 2022 roster to receive consideration. Since 2019, Tunsil has been the only Texan to receive a Pro Bowl nod. 

Simply put, the Texans have lacked high-end talent these past few seasons, but that is subject to change. With promising young talent present on the roster, the team may just have a few more options that can find their way into the Pro Bowl festivities. 

Here are three players on the Houston Texans roster that could have a Pro Bowl-worthy season in 2023-2024.