Houston Texans: three observations from mandatory minicamp

Houston Texans
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How about those young wide receivers?

The Texans wide receiver room has been the topic of many conversations this offseason and for good reason. The unit features a bevy of young talent that again showcased their skills to the masses during the mandatory minicamp period. 

The main three that stood out were rookies Xavier Hutchinson, Tank Dell, and young veteran Nico Collins. Each receiver displayed chemistry and consistency with their signal caller and signs that they are ready to take that next step and provide valuable short-term contributions to their NFL club. 

When I was reviewing highlights of the offensive portion of drills one specific play that stood out to me was on a Nico Collins sideline grab. During the play, Stroud was able to connect with Collins through the teeth of the defense for a tough catch. Those two have shown excellent rapport thus far in spring sessions. 

The most important characteristic shown by each receiver during these past couple of days was the work ethic and hunger to improve, traits that will serve them well as the offseason activities intensify. For Texans fans, having a group of motivated receivers is an exciting prospect.

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