Houston Texans: who is the greatest special teamer in franchise history?

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

When you think of the greatest players of all time, longevity, consistency, and peak performance are at the forefront of most conversations. Each NFL franchise holds its own respective greatest athlete on both sides of the ball, with the Houston Texans featuring some elite talent over the years. 

In a recent Twitter post from the official Houston Texans account, the best offensive and defensive players have been declared but one question remained. Who is the greatest player to ever suit up on special teams? 

Some names that immediately come to mind are punter Shane Lechler, longtime long-snapper Jon Weeks, and return man Jacoby Jones. Each man provided a special presence in the team’s unit and was a maestro at their craft, but only one player was claimed as the best. Endorsed by franchise legend J.J. Watt himself, long-snapper Jon Weeks should be considered the best special teams athlete in franchise history. 

Judging by the initially listed criteria, Weeks fits almost every category to perfection. According to Pro Football Reference, Weeks has never missed a game in his 13 seasons thus far, made a Pro Bowl appearance in 2015, and has been the glue of the special teams unit throughout his tenure in the blue and white. 

While long-snappers will never post gaudy stats, or highlight reel-worthy moments, they are among the most important positions on the special teams unit and the quality of a player at that position can make a huge difference in the overall unit’s effectiveness. The Houston Texans have not had that problem in over a decade due to the presence of stalwart Jon Weeks.

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