The Houston Texans' smartest offseason signing will shape Stroud’s career forever

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Keenum offers an array of experience to teach from. 

Keenum is joining Houston with the expectation of being a backup and mentor to new franchise quarterback C.J. Stroud. The Houston native isn't coming in to compete with Stroud but to form Stroud. Sure, Keenum himself hasn't had the most illustrious career, but he has the knowledge to offer from his experiences in the NFL.

The NFL doesn't typically see undrafted free-agent quarterbacks go on to start 64 games in their careers. Keenum knows what hard work, study habits, and adaptability look like at the professional level. All traits that rookies have steep learning curves. Those traits also made him a team captain three times.

The former Cougar hasn't stuck in the NFL off of luck. He played in 74 games but was trusted to start in another 64 due to his knowledge of the offense he was in, making correct decisions, and his ability to trust his playmakers. Keenum has had to absorb ten different playbooks in his NFL career. Despite the constant turnover, Keenum managed to only have two seasons with double-digit turnovers to his name. Time and time again, he made the right decision and operated within the offense to distribute the ball to the best option.

When Keenum was trusted to start, the number one options on the offense were heavily targeted by him. He didn't try to get too cute; he made the right decisions, and his offense didn't falter with him behind center. Keenum doesn't possess an elite arm, his size leaves a lot to be desired, and he isn't physically gifted. These failings are easy for defenses to target throughout a season like his 2018 year in Denver, where he led the team to a measly six-win year. However, that team lacked the talent he had the previous season when he took the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC championship game.