Ranking the Top 5 Texans quarterbacks of all time

In their short history, which Texans quarterbacks make the all-time top five?

Houston Texans, Matt Schaub
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3. David Carr

Third on the all-time Texans quarterback list is David Carr. He also happens to be third on the all-time passing leaderboard, lining up perfectly. The former no. 1 overall pick back in 2002 was the franchise's first starting quarterback.

To say Carr had a rough career in Houston would be an understatement. In three of his five seasons with the Texans, Carr led the NFL in sacks. His rookie year, he was sacked 76 times, which still stands as an NFL record to this day (four more than second playce, Randall Cunningham, with 72 back in 1986).

Carr is also third on the list of most times sacked in a season when he was taken down 68 times in 2005. Those aren't exactly the kinds of numbers a quarterback wants to be known for.

But, Carr still stands third in passing yards with 13,391 in his Texans tenure. He threw for 59 touchdowns and 65 picks while in Houston, as well.

After the 2006 season, Carr would go on to play for the Carolina Panthers, New York Giants (twice) and San Francisco 49ers before his final year in 2012.