Houston Texans: Ranking the 5 best tight ends on 2023 schedule

Houston Texans
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4). Evan Engram

Former New York Giants first-round pick Evan Engram found new life with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2022. The 28-year-old posted career-best numbers in 2022, amassing 73 receptions for 766 yards and four touchdowns. 

With the emergence of Trevor Lawrence as the Jaguars' franchise quarterback and the tight end-friendly scheme of head coach Doug Pederson, Engram’s skillset was maximized last year, and the team utilized him on multiple fronts in the receiving game. 

The veteran’s size and speed combination, along with the Jaguars' use of him in both the short and intermediate passing games puts Engram in an excellent position to build on his 2022 success. For the Houston Texans, a versatile player of Engram’s caliber requires more defensive game planning. 

With Engram roaming the field, the Texans will have themselves a handful against their AFC South rival. With the two teams facing off in Weeks 3 and 12 of the regular season, expect Engram to be one of the primary figures accounted for in the Texans' defensive game plan.