The Houston Texans game-by-game predictions for the 2023 schedule

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Week 17 vs Tennessee Titans

The Titans are in a similar place as the Texans, but I think Houston is already ahead in the rebuilding process.  Maybe Tannehill is the starter, but it's possible Levis takes over by this point in the season. Additionally, it’s a real possibility that star running back, Derrick Henry won’t be on the team.  Even if that’s not the case, the Texans are overall the better team now.

This one is a home game for the Texans and despite losing at home last season to the Titans, that won’t happen again on Houston’s home field.  The Titans simply don’t have any proven weapons outside of Henry, if he’s on the team.  As I said, it won’t matter.  30 – 17, Win.

Week 18 @ Indianapolis Colts

I’ve got the Texans winning at home against the Colts but I’m not sure they can sweep the season matchups.  The Colts may have their franchise quarterback as well and once the season starts and we see how these young quarterbacks play, our opinions could drastically change on these predictions.  The Colts still have Jonathon Taylor and Michael Pittman, one of the better offensive lines in football and they have some solid players on the defensive side as well.

The Texans were able to play the Colts very well last year in both matchups, but I have the two teams splitting their head-to-head games.  With the home team winning in each.  27 – 23, Loss.