The Houston Texans game-by-game predictions for the 2023 schedule

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Week 13 vs Denver Broncos

Last season, this was a team many believed to be a quarterback away from Super Bowl contention after acquiring Russell Wilson in an offseason blockbuster trade.  Things did not go as expected and despite a top-seven defense, the Broncos limped along and finished with a 5 – 12 record.

Now they have new leadership in Super Bowl-winning head coach Sean Payton.  The Broncos also added a couple of key pieces on their offensive line but will the new additions in free agency and the draft be enough? Can Coach Payton right the offensive ship in Denver or will it be more of the same in 2023?  I think he does.  23 – 20, Loss.

Week 14 @ New York Jets

On paper, the Texans are once again over-matched here.  The Jets were a top-five defense a season ago and are poised to do the same in 2023.  The big difference coming into this year, Zack Wilson is no longer the starting quarterback and Mike White is out.  In their place, one of the best to ever play the game, Aaron Rodgers.  While there is still some unknown here with how much juice the 40-year-old quarterback has, there isn’t much doubt there is still some there.

Rodgers easily takes the Jets from a good team to a Super Bowl contender.  This has kind of been the theme here, but the Texans aren’t there yet, they are simply not ready for the gauntlet that is the AFC.  There is such a discrepancy between the AFC and the NFC, the Texans would be a playoff contender if they resided in the NFC.  But they don’t.  24 – 13, Loss.