The Houston Texans game-by-game predictions for the 2023 schedule

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Week 9 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay is without Tom Brady now and appears that Baker Mayfield will step in, this being his fourth team.  Tampa Bay struggled last season even with Brady at the helm and this team appears to be in a pseudo-rebuild, though they still have star wideouts, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

The Bucs have lost more than they gained in free agency and though a number of the players resigned to stay on, they lost players like tight end Cameron Brate, safety Mike Edwards, running back Leonard Fournette, and corner Sean Murphy-Bunting, not to mention Tom Brady.  The biggest loss might be Shaq Mason.  24 – 17, Win.

Week 10 @ Cincinnati Bengals

The Texans are simply not ready for the Bengals just yet.  I think the Texans are headed in the right direction and have the right coaches in place, but their talent level does not match up with Cincinnati's.  The Bengals boast one of if not the best receiving corps in the NFL and one of the top quarterbacks as well.

The Bengals are solid at getting after the quarterback too, so the Texans will have their work cut out for them.  Can the new-look offensive line protect their quarterback, will they be able to open holes to allow the Texans to control the game with their rushing attack?  Will they be able to, at a minimum, contain the Bengals’ passing attack?  Unfortunately, the Texans aren’t ready.  33 – 20, Loss.