3 possible trade packages Texans can offer for A.J. Brown

This would be a MASSIVE splash for Houston.
Houston Texans, A.J. Brown
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Trade Number 2: Another player gets involved

A.J. Brown trade 2

This second deal is unique in that the Texans are able to escape without paying a first-round pick for Brown, however they do end up forking over some notable draft capital. First, let's cover the player involved.

Some think Houston needs to add more talent at the safety position this offseason, due to the fact that Jalen Pitre has shown some inconsistencies and also because of the injury sustained to Jimmy Ward last season. Ward is now 32 years old and in the second year of his original two-year contract with Houston. However, if he is traded, the Texans save about $5 million with the move.

Philadelphia, meanwhile, could be closer to getting back to a Super Bowl contender than some think. They definitely need help on defense, and adding Ward would help fill a void for their secondary as well.

The Texans give up a second-round selection this year, which comes in at no. 59 overall, while also dishing out a third rounder in 2025. This return might seem a little less than what Philly is looking for, but it's a nice starting point that also addresses a need for the Eagles. Should Philadelphia want more, then maybe we need to revert back to including a first-round pick in the deal.