3 possible trade packages Texans can offer for A.J. Brown

This would be a MASSIVE splash for Houston.
Houston Texans, A.J. Brown
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As we inch closer to the start of the new league year and beginning of NFL free agency, we'll continue to see more and more rumors and whispers. One of them, in particular, could end up affecting the Houston Texans.

On Thursday, Bleacher Report did a livestream in regards to possible trades the Philadelphia Eagles could field for wide receiver A.J. Brown, thus once more poking the bear and ruffling some feathers. While Brown has said he wants to be in Philly, we could still see him dealt in the coming days.

Brown has been down this road before. The only difference is, he now has a hefty contract that comes with him.

Should the Texans want to give C.J. Stroud a bonafide star, continuing to build around their franchise quarterback, they could opt for one of the following deals.

A simple trade sending the Eagles a first-round pick could get it done for A.J. Brown

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The first potential trade is a simplified one. Back when Brown was dealt from the Titans, the Eagles sent a pair of picks to Tennessee, which ended up being no. 18 and 101 overall in 2022. Here, we see a bit of regression because of the two additional years added onto Brown's age, and the fact that he has a monstrous contract which comes with him.

The Texans simply give up pick no. 23 in this year's draft, which I think both sides would be happy with. Maybe, the Eagles would like to get another selection. But, netting a first rounder is still important.

From Houston's point of view, there's no way they could have landed a wideout with as much talent as Brown, by using the pick there at 23. The best they could be looking at are guys like Oregon's Troy Franklin, Texas' A.D. Mitchell, or maybe Florida State's Keon Coleman. You could argue LSU's Brian Thomas Jr. might still be there as well.

If this deal was too rich for Houston, though, maybe they are able to get more creative.