Houston Texans: 5 offensive players that need to seize their moment at minicamp

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The Houston Texans mandatory mini-camp begins this coming week on June 13. This Texans roster looks vastly different from a year ago and several players, both veterans and rookies, will be vying for a spot on the 53-man roster. Some of these players are on the bubble and could lose their spot.

Some players would be obvious choices to make this list as players that need to seize this opportunity but some of those are locks to make the roster, in my opinion, regardless of their performance in minicamp and throughout the offseason.

Those include players such as C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson Jr. Sure, we hope they shine and so far through the recently completed OTAs, they did just that. But for these two, along with Tank Dell and a handful of others, the team will not give up on them right away, after just one offseason. They'll be on this team come the following year but what about some of the later-round rookies, undrafted rookies, and some of the veterans?

Of these five players, I'm about to discuss, one was a high draft pick. He's included because of what he means to the Houston Texans offense and the concerns about the Texans taking him higher than needed. The others I listed are fringe players that might not make the team and will need to shine to warrant Coach Ryans giving them a roster spot.

Others on this list can be huge for the Texans' 2023 season if they show up and ball out right away. When you have a rebuild within an organization, that process can be drastically accelerated if one or two unknowns rise out of the weeds. I think this list contains at least one such player.