NFL Draft Rumors: Adam Schefter weighs in on Texans trade options

Houston very well could do something drastic ... and it shouldn't come as a surprise.
Houston Texans, 2024 NFL Draft
Houston Texans, 2024 NFL Draft / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

Over the last three years, there haven't been many front offices as aggressive as the Houston Texans on draft night. Here we are, on the eve of the 2024 NFL Draft, and fans are on the edge of their seats.

Since Nick Caserio has taken over, the Texans have seen him make trade after trade, year-in and year-out. Even outside the draft, look at the recent example of Caserio going out and getting wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

Caserio loves to wheel and deal. Since becoming general manager, Caserio has executed 18 trades during draft weekend, as ESPN's Adam Schefter recently pointed out. He and the Texans made three in 2021, seven in 2022 and eight in 2023. Could more be coming this year?

Schefter thinks so.

"Caserio has increased the number of draft trades he has made in each of his three drafts in Houston, and he likely will do whatever he needs to continue the trend," he wrote.

The Texans' first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft is set to come in the second round

Houston doesn't pick until the 42nd overall selection, coming in the second round. That's because of a trade last month with the Minnesota Vikings, where Houston moved out of the first round and acquired an extra second rounder and sixth rounder this year, plus an additional second-round pick in 2025 from Minnesota.

But as Schefter said, do not count the Texans out of the first round, even for a second. Caserio has proven to make moves at all costs. He has been one of the league's "go-getters" in terms of general managers, the last few years. Caserio doesn't mess around, for lack of a better explanation.

It would not be surprising, in the least, if the Texans traded back into the first round if they were to see some type of value fall at a position of need.

For example, if the Texans were to see Illinois defensive tackle Jer'Zhan Newton drop to the tail end of the first round, they'd have to think about moving back up. If, somehow, Texas defensive tackle Byron Murphy II drops out of the top 20 picks, sound the alarm. Houston needs to do whatever it takes to move up and get him.

As for Round 2 priorities, that could come down to positions like safety, linebacker or even cornerback. But, the opportunity to snag a top-tier defensive lineman late in the first round? Caserio cannot pass that up.