Houston Texans News: Stroud good to go, key players return, Collins breaking out, message of leadership

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The Texans get two key players back on the field in practice this week

The Houston Texans have been without Jimmie Ward throughout the first two weeks of the season, and they were also missing left tackle Laremy Tunsil last Sunday. Both players were back at practice on Wednesday and will be much needed this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Will Anderson Jr is certainly excited to have Ward back.

"It was so exciting to have him back out there today, he brings so much energy to our defense. Having him back there again, it just means a lot."

Will Anderson Jr.

Ward will give the Texans secondary a huge boost, which will be needed against Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars. Tunsil might be the single most important piece outside of Stroud on the offensive side, so getting these two guys back this week is a massive boost for the Houston Texans.