Houston Texans news: Injuries hitting hard, Dell's connection with Stroud, Keenum honored

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Tank Dell and C.J. Stroud are building a connection on and off the field

From the moment the Texans moved up in the 2023 NFL Draft to select Tank Dell, the hype began almost immediately. Dell was expected to come in and contribute in the slot right away. He made some plays in preseason and throughout practices. His NFL debut wasn't anything excited, but he continues to grow and develop every day.

In Week Two against the Indianapolis Colts, Dell had a fantastic day. He recorded seven receptions, 72 yards and a touchdown. So far on the season he has ten receptions on 14 targets and 106 yards, with one touchdown. He and Stroud are beginning to show a special bond on the field, but this bond extends beyond the game.

"C.J., that's my guy. Ever since we first connected, we have been tight. We are always checking in on each other. I know on the field we were going to click. But we have developed a relationship where off the field, we can hang around each other all day and have fun."

Tank Dell

If Dell and Stroud can build off their respective performances from last week, one of the them as a very real shot at earing the NFL Rookie of the Year award. More importantly, Stroud may have his go-to guy for years to come.