How the next month is crucial for a Houston Texans playoff run

C.J. Stroud and company have all the power in their hands right now.
Houston Texans, C.J. Stroud
Houston Texans, C.J. Stroud / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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Week 13: Denver Broncos at Houston Texans

Three weeks from now, the Texans will face a Broncos team that we're not quite sure what to make of at this point in the season. Denver has been extraordinarily bad on defense for most of the season, but have they begun to figure things out just a bit? Denver has won three games in a row, including victories over the Chiefs and Bills.

Still, on the season, the Broncos are giving up the most yards per game defensively. They aren't a great unit. Who knows what the next couple of weeks will bring, though. The Broncos could very well be in the midst of a total turnaround this season. If they continue their winning ways, the Texans will need to start looking much differently at this matchup.

And, don't look now, but Russell Wilson is having a tremendous season. He isn't passing for an overwhelming amount of yards, but he's got 18 passing touchdowns versus just four picks through this point in the season. Maybe, Russ is back.