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. . 2nd pick. Quarterback. Anthony Richardson. 2. player. 526

With the second pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select Anthony Richardson

The Houston Texans will likely go quarterback here, despite rumors of possibly Will Anderson. The Texans have a need at quarterback and in this league, you just keep swinging for the fences at the quarterback position until you hit one out of the park.

There is little doubt that Richardson is the most athletic of all the quarterbacks in the NFL draft and is considered to have the strongest arm too.  Many question his accuracy and ability to play at this level though, which sounds an awful lot like another player that was equally divisive in the 2018 NFL Draft, Josh Allen.

I’m not going to sit here and say that Richardson is the next Josh Allen, but the Texans will try to do what Coach McDermott and OC Brian Daboll did for Allen.  If they can, they’ll have themselves a phenomenal franchise quarterback.  If they can’t, it’ll probably cost Ryans and general manager Nick Caserio their jobs.

Richardson’s final season with the Florida Gators left a lot to be desired in terms of production, amassing only 2,553 yards and 17 touchdowns; however, he added an impressive 713 yards on the ground on just 97 runs.