Texans trade into first round to land high-impact player in this 2024 mock draft

Houston creates a habit of making first-round noise
Nate Wiggins
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. Beau Brade. player. 439. . S. Beau Brade. . Beau Brade. 6

With their lone sixth-round pick, the Texans try and add some depth at safety, going with Maryland's Beau Brade. Standing six feet, 203 pounds, Brade has good size and is a willing run defender. He doesn't have any one trait that stands out as elite, but he'll be someone the Texans could lean on in a pinch or at the very least, become a special teams staple.

. player. DL. 7. Marcus Harris. . . Marcus Harris. Marcus Harris. 525

With the first of two seventh-round picks, the Texans go back to the SEC well on the defensive line, selecting Auburn defensive tackle Marcus Harris. As a seventh-round pick, it's hard to beat someone like Harris. He might be a little on the light side, but the guy plays with a fierce sense of physicality. His hands are always active and pack a punch. He's quick off the line and, more often than not, wins the low battle.

Daequan Hardy. . . CB. Daequan Hardy. 7. player. 491. . Daequan Hardy

Finally, the Texans snag another cornerback, this time going with someone who has played with Joey Porter Jr. and Kalen King. The lesser-known Penn State cornerback, Daequan Hardy, will still find a role in the NFL and, with a defensive mind like Ryans at the helm, he'll be in good hands, development-wise.