Texans trade into first round to land high-impact player in this 2024 mock draft

Houston creates a habit of making first-round noise
Nate Wiggins
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G. . . Christian Haynes. 2. player. 892. Christian Haynes. Christian Haynes.

In Round 2, the Texans figure the best player on the board to be Uconn guard Christian Haynes, and this is an area fans would like to see addressed. Because of the worries around Kenyon Green, the Texans are doing themselves a huge favor by adding another talented guard to the mix.

Between Shaq Mason, Green and Haynes, the Texans should be feeling much better about their competition and depth at guard. Haynes comes in as a guy who started for four years and is viewed as a strong leader with a good head on his shoulders. He's a smart player and as reliable as they come. If the Texans needed someone who could be their future, long-term starter at either guard position, Haynes is that guy.

. 490. Tommy Eichenberg. Tommy Eichenberg. . . Tommy Eichenberg. player. LB. 4

With their first pick in the fourth round, the Texans appease DeMeco Ryans by going with an old-school, Big Ten linebacker in Ohio State's Tommy Eichenberg. If Ryans wants a physical linebacker who attacks relentlessly, then Eichenberg will fit in well. He's not going to offer much in terms of coverage skills, but playing closer to the box, Eichenberg makes his presence known. He's going to be a force against the run and also will offer a lot on special teams right away.