Mid Season Evaluation for Houston Texans Head Coach DeMeco Ryans

Houston Texans v Atlanta Falcons
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Houston Texans DeMeco Ryans Mid-Season Evaluations:
Team Morale: B -

Wins against noteworthy opponents are helping Houston establish a culture. It's been a long time since fans took pride in representing the home team. Wearing a Texans jersey was once frowned upon. Now, fans can support their favorite franchises in public. C.J. Stroud's presence has played a vital role in DeMeco Ryans' morality cleanse. He's volunteered himself for leadership roles within the locker room and is not afraid to speak his mind. His words encourage others around him to step up to the challenge.

An even-keeled demeanor is taking the Texans to newer heights. C.J. Stroud is a leader on and off the field and is determined to be a guiding light for his organization. His demeanor makes it easy for teammates and coaches to buy into Houston's primary objective - win more games. DeMeco Ryans' coaching style blends perfectly with the skillset of his young quarterback. The first-year Head Coach is aware that his first round pick needs time to develop. Reassurance and tough love help younger players become confident on the professional level. Ryans' understands this well and is devoted to creating a positive environment for his team.

Wins are an easy way to keep positive morale throughout the season. DeMeco Ryans and his team experienced a fair share of winning and losing this season. Guidance from a devoted coaching staff will guide the Texans to the playoffs. Ryans is doing a great job halfway through the season. He deserves a C for the Texans' performance thus far this season.

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