Houston Texans: An incredible season - Most passing yards

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

We've talked about the lack of great passers in the Houston Texans history but they've had some great seasons from their quarterbacks over the years. The Texans' top six seasons in total passing yards are owned by two players. But which one holds the record for passing yards in a season?

Matt Schaub and Deshaun Watson have five 4,000-yard passing seasons between them, three from Schaub and two from Watson but only one of them holds the record. That quarterback is Deshaun Watson in the 2020 season with 4,823 yards.

2020 also happen to be Watson's final season as a Houston Texan, for reasons we are all very aware of, so I'm not going to discuss that but let's just take a look at that 2020 season and some of the highlight moments.

As a team, the Texans won only four games all season, finishing the year with a 4 - 12 record, which is likely why Watson was not voted All-Pro and barely was in the conversation of the NFL's Most Valuable Player. He also tossed 33 touchdowns and had a quarterback rating of 112.4. He also led the league with an 8.9 yards per pass attempt.

Watson was not only dominating in the passing game but he added an additional 444 yards on the ground and another three touchdowns. The 2020 season was one of the greatest seasons for a quarterback in franchise history.

Unfortunately, for the Houston Texans, it was a wasted performance otherwise, with the team finishing in last place in the division, followed by Watson's off-the-field legal issues that would envelop the team for over a year. The Texans would finally purge themselves of the drama when they dealt Watson to the Cleveland Browns.

4,800 yards will be hard to top; however, in today's NFL and the direction the league is headed, I have little doubt this record will be broken. C.J. Stroud just might be the guy to do it too.

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