Houston Texans go with cornerback in four-round mock draft

The Houston Texans are mocked to pick a corner in the first-round but was this the right call?
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The Houston Texans are in need of many things. An offensive line, new running backs, almost an entirely new secondary, potentially a new wide receiver, and a host of new linebackers. They have options and opportunities to replace them all, namely through trades, free agency, and the draft. While we know what they need, we're not sure what holes will be filled where.

The draft can help a lot, namely with the first few rounds being proven spots to land early starters. The first round is largely for your potential Pro Bowler, while the second round could be for a Pro Bowl-caliber type or a strong starter. In the third round you hope to land a fringe starter and everything after that is a crapshoot.

So you have a few rounds to really bulk up on potential starters. It just all comes down to what positions you want to prioritize and in what order. Personally, we're of the mindset that going with an offensive lineman or two early isn't a bad idea, but not necessarily in the first round. USA Today's Texans' Wire seems to agree.

In their article, they mock drafted the Houston Texans first four rounds of selections and they started off going defense, picking Toledo's Quinyon Mitchell, a cornerback who the article hopes would be able to replace departing veterans. As the Texans are led by a defensive-minded coach in DeMeco Ryans, this isn't a terrible selection.

In round two they have the Texans taking Michigan WR Roman Wilson. Since the Texans need depth at the position, this isn't the worst idea. Round three sees the Texans take linebacker from North Carolina State Payton Wilson, who again, is in a position of need and one that could help the defense immediately. Lastly, they have the Texans adding depth to the tight end spot by taking Penn State's Theo Johnson. A solid pick, but not a position that needs to be addressed this high.

Admittedly, if the Texans picked this foursome, we wouldn't be mad. This is an acceptable draft through four rounds. Preferably, you'd want to take an offensive lineman in the third or fourth round at the latest, but taking talents to help quarterback C.J. Stroud isn't a bad idea by any means.

We give this mock a B, as it's a very solid draft through four that adds a lot of potential value to the team's offense and defense.

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