Houston Texans get it right with Maliek Collins's contract extension

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The Houston Texans quickly locked up a core piece of their defensive line rotation. First announced by KPRC2’s Aaron Wilson, the Texans and defensive tackle Maliek Collins agreed to a two-year $23 million contract extension with $20 million guaranteed

The extension comes off the heels of career-best numbers from the 28-year-old according to Pro Football Reference. During that 2022 campaign, Collins recorded 37 total tackles, nine tackles for loss, ten quarterback hits, three and a half sacks, and two defended passes in 15 contests. 

The first question Texans fans may ask is why these stats translate to over $10 million annual average on an extension. Wouldn’t that be considered an overpay? 

While there is certainly some merit to that statement, a short-term deal for an impact contributor in a defensive line rotation with limited options could actually warrant the contrary. Simply put the Houston Texans are in no position right now in the midst of a rebuild to secure important talent without having to overpay a little for their services. 

In addition to the sufficient length of the contract, the Texans got this one right because they showed faith in one of their own. 2023 represents the third season that Collins will be spending in a Texans uniform and a show of faith toward players for making impact contributions goes a long way toward building trust and loyalty. 

Under the guise of General Manager Nick Caserio and new head coach DeMeco Ryans, the Houston Texans have gone all in with rebuilding and revitalizing the Texans' image and team culture. Culture builds a winning foundation and in-house extensions are the simplest form of gratitude that a front office can show toward its players. 

As for the Houston Texans' defensive line, there will be no disadvantages to maintaining an important contributor and veteran presence. You can never have too many of those on the roster.

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