Houston Texans final 53-man roster projections

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Offensive players making the Houston Texans' 53-man roster (24)

Quarterback (2)

C.J. Stroud, Case Keenum

Sorry to all the Davis Mills fans, as I don't have him making the 53-man roster. I simply view Keenum as a better backup option at this point in their careers. I believe long-term Mills could be the backup but it benefits Stroud and this team this season to have Keenum on the sidelines.

Keenum can act as a coach for Stroud and help him throughout the games. You just have to ask yourself, would you rather have Keenum or Mills in Stroud's ear giving guidance and advice on game days? For me, that's an easy one to answer. That said, I see Mills hitting the practice squad for the 2023 season.

Running back (4)

Dameon Pierce, Devin Singletary, Mike Boone, Andrew Beck

Pierce and Singletary are easy calls and Boone as well but after that, there is a significant drop off in talent. I think Ogunbowale is a solid depth piece, especially if you're looking for a decent receiving back; however, I don't see the team keeping four RBs, plus a fullback.

This is a solid group of backs and has a ton of potential to be very good this season. The question marks do not stand with the backs, but can the Texans' offensive line perform well enough and allow the running game to roll this season?

Wide Receiver (6)

Robert Woods, Nico Collins, Tank Dell, Noah Brown, John Metchie III, Xavier Hutchinson

I really like this group of receivers and think they are being underrated by the national media. I understand the narrative though. Lots of talent but outside of Woods, none of them have really done much to get excited about.

Brown is a good depth piece and crazy to think that of this group, he had the most receiving yards last season with the Dallas Cowboys totaling 555 yards. All six of these receivers combined for 1,563 yards receiving and seven touchdowns. A lot of potential here, but for now, that's all we have to go on, is potential.

Tight End (3)

Dalton Schultz, Mason Schreck, Brevin Jordan

Outside of Schultz, this group was difficult to discern. Schrek is currently listed as the backup on the Houston Texans' unofficial depth chart but the team has eight tight ends listed. Only a few of them have any receptions and none have more than two.

Jordan Brevin is probably the most recognizable name on the list but with so many tight ends, is it possible the team carries three?

Offensive line (9)

Laremy Tunsil, Tytus Howard, Kenyon Green, Shaq Mason, Juice Scruggs, Michael Deiter, Josh Jones, George Fant, Jimmy Morrissey

At least four of five starters are set. With Tunsil and Howard manning the tackle spots and Mason at one guard spot, while Scruggs locked in at center. However, I'm unsure of Green, as he's struggled so far this preseason with his run blocking. The team just traded for tackle Josh Jones but he has a lot of experience at guard as well, so it's possible he could step in there.

Michael Deiter is another one who has experience at guard, so I don't believe Green is a lock to start in 2023. He'll be on the 53-man roster though because he could be a decent backup. The Texans have a lot of flexibility and versatility with Deiter, Jones, and Morrissey. All three have played multiple positions throughout their careers. I just wrote an article about Jones coming over and he's played both tackle positions, as well as guard.