Houston Texans draft trends you can expect to see come Draft Day

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Texans trade back at 12 if their guy isn't there

Just to be clear, 'their guy' I believe is Ohio State wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba. Last year I read different rumors claiming that the Houston Texans wanted to draft a wide receiver at 13. However, by the time it got to be their pick the top four wide receivers had already been drafted. Despite trading back, there were still two more first round wide receivers available that they passed on. This shows me that they had a different ranking on them versus the initial group that went early.

Some mock drafts have Ohio State receiver Smith-Njigba going before the Texans' pick. If that were the case, I think the Texans would take a similar approach they took last year. General manager Nick Cassario said last year they like the grouping of players at 13, felt comfortable moving back a few spots and still getting a guy they wanted. I think the same thing would happen in this draft.

There could be a number of different defenders available at 12; especially if there is an early run on quarterbacks. That being said, I think Nick would happily move back a few spots if it meant getting a day two pick on top of it and still getting a guy in their grouping. 

Speaking of day two picks…