Houston Texans draft trends you can expect to see come Draft Day

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Texans target experienced starters, captains in late rounds.

Just to be clear, by the later rounds, I'm talking about the fifth round and back. These are the rounds where great franchises typically make their living. In these rounds were the likes of Richard Sherman, Tom Brady, Kam Chancellor, and the list goes on. 

Last year the Texans selected only captains who had at least two years of starting experience. When they drafted LSU right tackle Austin Deculus, the selection was met by many draft analysts to be a good one. As a late-rounder, he isn't going to wow you with his physical traits, but Deculus started almost 60 games for the Tigers against SEC first-round edges.

Deculus is a guy that can come in and be a solid backup or swing tackle if you need him to be.  When you're drafting in those late rounds, the goal is to draft players that will fight to remain on the team for the entirety of their rookie contract. Every now and then you get lucky, and you draft one of those future stars, but if those guys were known to be stars going into the draft they wouldn't have fallen that far anyways.