Houston Texans draft trends you can expect to see come Draft Day

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Targeting SEC Players

Houston Texans
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Everyone knows that the SEC has the best competition in college football. We see a couple of top ten teams year in and year out. That seems to be the reason why the Texans have targeted these players. Caserio and company are looking for players who can come in with a history of competing against some of the best.

Theoretically, the idea is that these players have gone up against some of the best, so they have a shorter learning curve. They're also typically players who have been coached really well. For instance, you don't often see Alabama defensive players drastically getting better when they join the NFL. This is because Nick Saban has coached almost all their potential and displayed it on his championship teams. 

Last year we saw the Texans spend six out of eight picks on SEC players. The only two they drafted not from an SEC school were Thomas Booker and Jalen Pitre out of Stanford and Baylor respectively.
I would not be surprised to see the Texans draft SEC talent with their first pick, and at least three out of their first five.