Houston Texans draft trends you can expect to see come Draft Day

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Texans head coach, Demeco Ryans gets his guys. 

We've heard rumors that Ryans loves Alabama's Will Anderson Jr. We've heard him talk a ton about wanting certain types of guys that will be culture fits, hardworking, love to work, love football, are smart, and tough. 

It looks also like the Texans are smitten with the University of Houston's wide receiver Nathaniel Dell. Though he might not be a Demeco guy, it appears that Ryans and current special teams coach Frank Ross like his potential as a return man. I'm going off a hunch based on the number of conversations they had with Dell. At the combine, both the head coach, special teams coach, and general manager were at the University of Houston Pro Day where they spoke with him. 

We've talked about the identity we think the Texans want during this draft already, but Ryans and Caserio come from franchises that didn't draft quarterbacks high. In the midst of the rebuild Houston is in, I'd expect them to grab the best players available in this draft.

Yes, Ryans came over from a 49ers franchise that just two seasons ago traded first-round picks to obtain the third overall selection to take Trey Lance, but that same team has been to three NFC Championships without Lance. There could be a hesitation to spend high capital again as it has not born fruit for San Francisco.

Similarly, Nick Caserio spent 20 seasons in New England where the highest draft pick they spent on a quarterback was at 62 with Jimmy Garoppolo. Now, they had the GOAT, Tom Brady for the majority of the time spent there, but even he was taken in the sixth round. Both of the Texans' current leaders come with what appears to be the best player available approach, minus the Trey Lance outlier when it comes to drafting.