Houston Texans on defense who needs to impress at mini-camp

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Derek Stingley Jr - Cornerback

Derek Stingley was the third overall pick of the Houston Texans in the 2021 NFL Draft.  Now, he’s not on this list because he’s at risk of getting cut from the team if he doesn’t perform.  He’s on this list because the Texans need him to play like the third overall pick.

A solid showing in mini-camp next week will go a long way towards making everyone feel better about the upcoming 2023 season.  Stingley played only nine games his rookie year to due injury but in those nine games, he recorded only one interception and five passes defended.

PFF wasn’t kind to him either, as he earned a coverage grade of 49.9.  He allowed a passer rating of 84.9 and 12.5 yards per reception when he was targeted.

Despite those numbers, he also didn’t allow a touchdown pass in those nine games.  Former All-Pro Antonio Cromartie is a fan and believes in Stingley’s talent.

"“I think if Sting was in New York, it would be a whole different spiel. I think Stingley had a great rookie season and I think it’s going to be even better as he goes on. The kid is phenomenal.”"

Antonio Cromartie

The Texans’ defense would benefit greatly if Stingley can continue to develop and become that shut-down corner he was drafted to be.