Houston Texans might have their answer at center

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

I wrote a full seven-round mock draft just a week ago and got some heat for not selecting a center early in the draft. The Texans made their pick, selecting that center fans wanted but they did it in round two, pick number 62.

What you may not know, if you didn't read my full mock, is I had the Texans selecting a center, the same center, Juice Scruggs. The problem is I had them taking him with pick number 203. Was this a reach, in my opinion, yes?

That said, I do like the player and think he will challenge Scott Quessenberry right away and likely become the starting center for the Texans in his first year. Scruggs is not without some shortcomings though. Here is what I said about him in my Texans seven-round mock.

"He can be beaten with the quick inside rushes, which is why he's better off at the center position. He does a good job of holding his position on the line but isn't seen necessarily as a road grader. Regardless, some scouts see him with the potential to be a solid starter, though not elite, along the offensive line. At pick 203, this could be a steal."

He played mostly at guard during his junior season and almost exclusively center during his senior year. Throughout those two seasons, he allowed 26 quarterback hurries, seven QB hits, and three sacks.

Notice I said at 203 he could be a steal, well at 62 that's a reach. On PFF's big board, he was ranked 138. But at the end of the day, if he turns out to be a solid ten-year starter in this league, no one will care where he was picked.