3 ways Houston Texans C.J. Stroud can shine against the Pittsburgh Steelers

Houston Texans
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Don't change what you're doing, Stroud is balling

As I said at the top, Stroud has over 900 yards and no interceptions. The four touchdowns you hope increase but the big thing is that Stroud is completing passes at a high rate and moving the chains. Most important, he's not turning the ball over. Playing solid defense and not committing turnovers seems to be a pretty simple recipe for a win to me.

What the Texans have done so far this season, especially over the last couple of weeks is working. Maybe add a wrinkle or two here and there but ultimately, if it isn't broken, no need to try to fix it. Stroud and the Texans are playing well and that will hopefully continue this week. I would like to see the Texans' run game become more of a factor but until the offensive line is healthy, I don't think the run game will be a factor. So far, Stroud has shown he can carry this team regardless, and that should continue this weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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