3 ways Houston Texans C.J. Stroud can shine against the Pittsburgh Steelers

Houston Texans
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Quick reads and get the ball out fast

This is about as simple as it gets, but Stroud likely won't have a lot of time to throw, Being able to read what the defensive alignment wants to do and quickly reading what is happening after the ball is snapped, will be vital to his success.

I anticipate the Texans utilizing a lot of quick developing routes, such as slants and crossers but they'll also need to take a deep shot from time to time, just to keep the Steelers' defense off balance. The Texans had a great game plan last week against the Jaguars and it led to 37 points. We need more of the same this week.

Per Pro Football Focus (PFF), Stroud had a passer grade of 80.5 and an overall of 84.3. Outstanding numbers by any standard and Stroud is proving the Texans were right in selecting him with the number two overall pick. If he can keep this up, NLF Rookie of the Year is all but his for the taking.