Houston Texans are "best setup for the future" says PFF, but are they?

The future is bright if you're a member of the Houston Texans franchise

NFL Honors
NFL Honors / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

The future is bright for the Houston Texans. They recently swept the rookie awards at the NFL Honors, taking home the Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year Awards, securing that they have the best of the 2023 NFL Draft on their roster. Offensive winner C.J. Stroud is, in the eyes of many, a top 10 quarterback already and is just entering his second season. Anderson established himself as a force on the defensive line, making plays without relying on sacks to do so.

They have the cornerstones for their offense and defense, but they also have young players around them that will only get better, like offensive weapons Tank Dell and Nico Collins, and defensive players like Derek Stingley Jr. and Christian Harris. Three of those men, Collins, Stingley, and Harris all took major steps in their development this season, while Dell, when he was healthy, was a stud during his rookie campaign.

So it's no wonder that Pro Football Focus (PFF) has the Texans as the No. 1 team in the league best setup for the future. But are they? Not so fast there, friendo.

The Texans had a fantastic year and have their cornerstone players well in place at the moment, but the team has an offseason few have seen before. A score of players who helped the Texans win the AFC South and reach the playoffs are now free agents. The team has the money to re-sign most of them but to what end? They'll likely have to exhaust most of their cap space to do so, meaning there won't be much money to upgrade the team.

The Texans are shockingly already dealing with a far too important offseason for people to make such bold claims. If they don't re-sign the right guys, then the Texans could easily take a step back next season.

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