Houston Texans: All-time receiving leaders in franchise history

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top 5 receiving yards leaders. . Will Fuller. 5. player. . 3,110 Yards. . Will Fuller. 10

This is a dead horse that has been beaten repeatedly since Will Fuller was a draft selection of the Houston Texans in the 2016 NFL Draft but wow, what could have been if he would have stayed healthy?  He still comes in at number five despite all the missed games, with 3,110 yards.  Among all Texans’ receivers with a minimum of 100 receptions, Fuller ranks second all-time with 14.9 yards per reception.  Only Corey Bradford is higher, at 15.3.

During his five seasons with the Texans, he never played a full 16-game season, the most was 13 starts in his rookie year of 2016.  He had only seven starts in 2018 and 11 starts in both 2019 and 2020.  He last played with the Dolphins in 2021 but only played in two games all year.

Fuller’s best season statistically was his final season with Houston in 2020.  He was targeted 75 times and had 53 receptions and 879 yards, with eight touchdowns.  His 2020 season could have been even better had he not gotten himself suspended.  Since then, Fuller was placed on IR less than a month after ending the suspension and has not played in the NFL since.  He is currently a free agent.