Houston Texans: Top-5 all-time passing yards leaders in franchise history

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Houston Texans. David Carr. 3. . . David Carr. player. 10. Carr - top 5 passing yards.

David Carr is the first of the Houston Texans to break 10,000 yards, yet of the five quarterbacks on this list, he had the lowest yards per game with only 176.2 per game.  This shows his longevity with the team, maybe the Texans held on too long hoping he would improve.

Carr played five seasons with the Texans, playing in 76 games, starting 75 of them.  For a team that never won more than seven games during his time as the starter, it’s a little surprising the team didn’t move on sooner.  We all know about the lack of protection that was afforded him but he had some outstanding talent around him at the skill positions.

He was fortunate the team gave him a long leash and he’ll remain in the top five for at least three to four more years and that’s assuming C.J. Stroud works out and is the franchise guy the Texans and fans hope he becomes.  During his five seasons, he accumulated 13,391 passing yards, placing him third all-time in Texans history.

Carr’s best season was in 2004 when he threw for 3,531 yards and the team won a then-record, seven games that year.  Despite the yardage totals and 466 passes, he only managed 16 passing touchdowns, even playing alongside receivers Andre Johnson and Jabar Gaffney, with Domanick Williams in the backfield.