Houston Texans: Top-5 all-time passing yards leaders in franchise history

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4. player. . . Houston Texans. Davis Mills. Davis Mills. 10. Mills - top 5 passing yards.

Every Texan fan's favorite, Davis Mills is fourth on this list again, which again, points to the struggles the team has experienced trying to find a franchise quarterback.  I was kidding about the fan-favorite piece, as most fans are ready to move on from Mills.

Mills joined the Texans via the 2021 NFL Draft and after a promising rookie year, digressed in year two.  Part of that is due to a lack of supporting talent, part due to coaching and scheme changes but also Mills’ own skill level is a question.

Regardless, from a statistical perspective, Mills is one of the best the Texans have had in franchise history.  Mills was the 67th overall pick and has started 26 games for the team.  It’s unlikely he will start again, at least for the Texans, but his numbers over that span include the fourth-highest passing yards total, 5,782 yards.

His 15 interceptions a season ago led the league and he added eight fumbles, giving him 13 fumbles for his career and 38 total turnovers already in his short two-year career.  The turnovers are probably the biggest reason he’s most likely out of a job with the Texans but if he can get that under control, he could carve out a decent career as a backup in the NFL.