Houston Texans: Top-5 all-time passing yards leaders in franchise history

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I know the Houston Texans don't have a long, storied history but they've had some quality quarterbacks over the years. Maybe C.J. Stroud can make this list by the end of his rookie season. It wouldn't take make much, as the number five quarterback has 3,380 yards. That number five spot might surprise you who it is too.

Unfortunately, fan favorite T.J. Yates didn't make the top five. He comes in at only 11th in Houston Texans history with 1,993 yards. The top ten includes every quarterback with 2,000 or more career yards with the Texans, with Tom Savage coming in at number ten.

The top ten also includes a couple of guys currently on the roster now, with a chance to add to their numbers whether they become the 2023 starter or have to come in mop-up duty or the more likely scenario, injury.

We have another NFL favorite that graces the Houston Texans' top ten all-time passing yards leader, Ryan Fitzpatrick. In 2014, he played in only 12 games for the Texans but tallied 2,483 passing yards in his lone season with the team.

As we approach the new season, rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud is the odds-on favorite to win the starting job. If things go as expected, Stroud will probably enter the top five all-time Texans for passing yards by season's end. It's really kind of a sad history for the Texans at the position, but someday, perhaps Stroud, they will find their all-time great, not just Texan but in the NFL. Here are your top-five passing yards leaders in Texans' history.