Texans 7-Round Mock Draft after Stefon Diggs trade loads Houston up even more

The Texans aren't done, yet.
Houston Texans, DeMeco Ryans
Houston Texans, DeMeco Ryans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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. Mekhi Wingo. 4. 529. DL. Mekhi Wingo. . . Mekhi Wingo. player

Once again, the Texans stay on the defensive line in the fourth round by selecting LSU's Mekhi Wingo. The former Tiger is another guy who you could classify to be undersized, but he makes up for it with a ton fo explosiveness and strength.

Wingo has the potential to play multiple spots up front and could even double as a pass rusher off the edge at times. His versatility is something Ryans will love to have on this defense. Over his last two seasons at LSU, Wingo amassed 11.0 tackles for loss including 7.5 sacks. As an interior lineman in the SEC, that's impressive.

. Tip Reiman. player. . TE. 6. Tip Reiman. 481. Tip Reiman.

Bringing back Dalton Schultz was an enormous move for this offense, but you can never have enough talent at any position. Illinois' Tip Reiman comes in as a guy who might end up being the TE3 as a rookie, but will be used often as a blocker. The man takes that part of his job seriously, but at 6-foot-5 and with a bigger build, possessing huge hands, Reiman is a little sneaky in the passing game.