Houston Texans: 5 keys to a successful 2023 season

Houston Texans
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C.J. Stroud must show growth throughout the season

Most assumed the Texans were going to select a quarterback with that second pick, despite rumors they could go with either edge rusher.  What the Texans did, was swing for the fences and essentially did both.

The team doesn’t necessarily have to win ten games for this season to be considered successful.  No one is expecting this team to make the playoffs but what you’re looking for is C.J. Stroud to improve each week and be a better quarterback in Week 18, than he was in Week One.

Does the Stroud look overwhelmed and confused?  Does he show poise and confidence?  Is he a leader, does the team rally around him and fight for him?  These are questions that can be answered as the season progresses and if the organization can say yes to these, they just might have their guy.

Let’s remember, some of the best in the league wasn’t exactly ripping defenses their rookie year, so don’t put any unnecessary pressure on Stroud in year one.

I do like that the team spend some draft capital on your wide receivers too, drafting both Nathaniel Dell and Xavier Hutchinson.  Then they added Jared Wayne and Jesse Matthews as rookie free agents.