Houston Texans: 3 Winners and 2 losers from Texans Preseason game vs. Dolphins

Houston Texans
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Now you might ask yourself why you would write linebackers if you just praised Denzel Perryman. The answer, the linebackers seemed to struggle to help stop the run as the Dolphins put up 205 rushing yards and one touchdown.

Salvon Ahmed ran all over the Texans as he had 12 carries for 99 yards averaging 8.2 yards per carry. When you watch the linebackers on film it seems like they aren't coming down fast enough to crash the line and hit the gaps before the lineman makes it to the second level. They missed several tackles allowing for many big runs for the Dolphins.

They struggled in coverage too, allowing two receiving touchdowns in coverage. One to Salvon Ahmed and one to Braxton Berrios on a mismatch with rookie Henry To'oto'o with 10 seconds left in the first half. It looked like the linebackers had a lot of missed zone coverages allowing the Dolphins to convert on third and fourth down with ease.

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