Houston Texans: 3 Winners and 2 losers from Texans Preseason game vs. Dolphins

Houston Texans
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Denzel Perryman

Denzel Perryman started the game off with an incredible interception on Dolphins Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa's first passing attempt as he made a perfect zone drop to intercept his pass and put the Texans in prime scoring position in the first quarter. He ended up recording three tackles before eventually being taken out

He continues his success and leadership for this young star-studded defense after a solid Texans debut last week where he recorded a sack and two tackles. With each day he seems like he's reverting to his 2021 pro-bowl self. I expect him to be a lock for one of the outside linebacker positions as he continues to impress in camp.

Mike Boone

Former Broncos running back Mike Boone looked like the only bright spot in what seemed like a dormant offense as the offensive line struggled to provide consistent holes in the run game. Boone led the team in receptions and receiving yards with four catches for 35 yards while adding twelve yards on five carries.

Boone looks like he could sneak onto the roster as a reliable pass-catcher as he proved his worth on a 25-yard dump-off pass from a heavily pressured Davis Mills. He showcases solid speed and a hard grind-for-yards mentality. I can see him becoming a solid receiving back for this team.


Offensive Line

The Texans offensive line had no answers to help the run game as the Texans only recorded 33 yards rushing on 14 carries. The Texans struggled to give either quarterback enough time to make many plays in what seems like a young star-studded roster.

Stroud and Mills had trouble getting the ball down the field as Pierce struggled to gain much yardage with little to no holes to run through. Mills had to hit his check-downs on most of his attempts as he had no time to let the plays develop with heavy pressure.