Houston Texans 2024 Schedule Breakdown

The 2024 NFL schedule has been released and it's time to take a deep dive into the Texans' matchups
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens / Kirby Lee/GettyImages
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Weeks 4 & 13: Jacksonville Jaguars

Sunday, September 29th, Noon CST, CBS & Sunday, December 1st, Noon CST, FOX
Overall Series: Houston Texans 29 wins, Jacksonville Jaguars 15 wins, 0 draws
Last Matchup: Jaguars won 24-21, November 26th, 2023

A matchup I wish I could say I was more excited for. But that would be lying. As someone who watches Texans football day in and out every season, I love division games but the Jaguars... Not as much recently. Maybe it was because I also expected more from Trevor Lawrence. They add a lot and it amounts to little in their progression. They have thrown a lot of money and draft capital into the offense and there are times it just stalls for reasons unknown. In the last 5 seasons, the Houston Texans have lost to the Jaguars a grand total of 2 times. They have talent but it doesn't get them anywhere. I don't know what to expect out of this matchup from the Jaguars end.

Projection Week 4: Texans win 35-14

Projection Week 13: Texans win 28-14