5 Houston Texan players playing for their jobs this preseason

Houston Texans
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Adam Humphries – Wide receiver

Adam Humphries has been around this league for some time, seems like 20 years but in reality, he is a seven-year veteran in the NFL.  Should be eight but he was out of the league last year and didn’t play a down.

Humphries has battled throughout his career to remain on a roster and was an undrafted free agent rookie when he first broke into the league.  It’s a great comeback story; however, I don’t see this story with a happy ending.

The Texans, while many have been discounting their receiving corps all summer, have some talent and could surprise defenses this season, if C.J. Stroud can get them the ball.  Humphries will have to absolutely shine and doesn’t have much time to do so, having just signed with the team earlier this week.

His base salary in 2023 is a little over $1.1 million but if the Texans cut him, there is no cap hit and they save over $900,000, so there isn’t any real loss to the team.  He’s going to have an uphill battle to make this team.